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Tea, hot chocolate and Boni quick are the beverages which keep you warm and cozy. If you want to share a cup of hot and tasty beverage with your friends, we are recommending those made by Bonito. Tea lovers will also find a joy and pleasure in our carefully selected varieties of tea.

Čaj planinski

Mountain tea


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  • 44g

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  • *Average nutritional value per 100g of product

Mountain tea offers energetic stimulus to organism so it is a favourite beverage among mountaneers. Mixture of herbs that is contained in this tea is full of minerals and vitamins, because of which it protects organism from many diseases. A healthy beverage that you will gladly consume in winter days.

1. Pour a tea bag with 2dl of hot water and cover.
2. After 10 minutes remove a tea bag.
3. Add sugar to your taste.

Ingredients: rose hip 53%, blackberry leaf 20%, linden flower 10%, mint leaf 7%, blueberry fruit 6%, elder fruit 2%, elder flower 2%.