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Tea, hot chocolate and Boni quick are the beverages which keep you warm and cozy. If you want to share a cup of hot and tasty beverage with your friends, we are recommending those made by Bonito. Tea lovers will also find a joy and pleasure in our carefully selected varieties of tea.

Čaj zeleni i nana

Green tea and mint


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  • 36g

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  • *Average nutritional value per 100g of product

The combination of our and Chinese traditional tea will improve mood and refresh the most tired ones. With its taste and stronger aroma, Mint softens the recognizable taste of green tea, bringing it closer to those who are not yet accustomed to its taste. This tea is certainly a powerful antioxidant and soothing. We recommend a cup of tea during the day.

1. Pour a tea bag with 2 dl of boiling water (60°C) and cover.
2. After 2-5 minutes remove a tea bag.
3. Add sugar to your taste.

Ingredients: green tea 65%, mint leaves 35%.