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Tea, hot chocolate and Boni quick are the beverages which keep you warm and cozy. If you want to share a cup of hot and tasty beverage with your friends, we are recommending those made by Bonito. Tea lovers will also find a joy and pleasure in our carefully selected varieties of tea.

Topla čokolada classic

Hot chocolate classic


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  • 25g

Nutritional value

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  • Energy value: 1675kJ/367kcal

  • Proteins: 3,91g

  • Carbohydrates: 82,09g od kojih šećeri 58,76g

  • Fat: 2,54g od toga zasićene masne kiseline 1,72g

  • Salt: 0,21g

  • *Average nutritional value per 100g of product

An original recipe makes Bonito hot chocolate unique. Preparation is quick and easy, whether at home, or in a coffee shop, or at a restaurant. Taste of black, soft, milk chocolate will satisfy the taste of lovers of real chocolate. It is for those who are loyal to classic tested taste.

Preparation: Content of a bag put in 125-150ml of milk and using whisk stir well the mass. While constantly mixing, heat the mass until it is boiled and cook on easy fire for around half a minute. Density of hot chocolate can be regulated by the weight of milk.